The Abernathy Murders, February 19, 1997

Paranormal Affairs

To date, I know that two paranormal professionals have been contacted by friends and family of Neal and Brendan regarding the murder investigation. This page discusses those efforts and related matters. The subject of using psychics in crime investigations is often contentious and everyone seems to have an opinion about it. Interest in psychics helping law enforcement has also increased recently, ever since Court TV started airing their Psychic Detectives show on cable. Since the number of links off this page has been growing, I've put what I consider the most important on their own menu bar. The cold reading menu bar link goes to a page on the Amazing Randi website and should be required reading in my opinion for anyone thinking of contacting a paranormal professional. And since discussing matters psychic is seldom peaceful, I've also included a direct link to the Psychic Pigs so you can a brief break from all this depressing murder stuff for some theraputic humor.

George Anderson is a nationally prominent medium who's had his own cable TV show. Anderson attempted to contact Neal and Brendan for Susan, with results that Susan found encouraging. I have no idea if the information developed by Anderson during Susan's time with him has contributed to the police investigation at all, but Susan found his efforts worthwhile. Here's a brief excerpt from an email that I received from Susan a little while back:

For me, the most helpful information I've obtained about who and what happened on February 19, 1997 was from a session that a group of us had with George Anderson. I have provided the police a copy of the audio tape from our session. George Anderson is about the most credible of mediums around, if that is even possible. You can read about George Anderson at his website Neal and Brendan both communicated through George to us during the session. Neal especially, tried to convey details about what happened that day. I have never made a written transcript of the session with George Anderson, but would consider doing so. I'm thinking that it would be good to perhaps have a way to link to them from your web page. Somebody knows who committed this crime.

If Susan or any of her friends find the time to make a transcript, I will post if it's available. I will web anything that might help to solve this case regardless of my own skepticism. Just like Susan said, somebody knows who committed this crime!

On the subject of transcripts, Susan and Kent Truscott visited with another medium, Kathlyn Rhea. Susan has a transcript of the session with Kathlyn Rhea which I have linked here

Now I'll confess that I'm somewhat skeptical about mediums in general, and there are not a few who I'm convinced are frauds who use a magician's technique called cold reading, though I try to keep an open mind about such things. Click here to see a short web page on my thoughts, both pro and con, concerning the use of the paranormal in murder investigations.