February 19, 1997


The company that Susan works for has offered a $50,000 reward for info leading to the apprehension of the murderer or murderers. Here's more on the reward from the Hercules PD. This site also has a nice photo of Neal and Brendan.

The Hercules Police have kept the investigation open and active, and are still hoping for a break. One of the original detectives on the case, Susan Todd, is now retired. The case was then handed to Detectives Rodriguez and Imboden, neither of whom I know much about. Since then, Sargeant Tim Stratmeyer was assigned the case (510-799-8275). I don't know much about him either. I do know that in 2002, some previously untested evidence was sent to the new Richmond Crime Lab in the East Bay - so the new Hercules detectives are certainly not sitting on their hands. It would be cool if the DNA testing generates a break in the case. The flipside of this investigation is that little has been disclosed, even to Neal's family, about the progress on this case. Even after 11 plus years, it is my understanding that the autopsy results on Neal and Brendan have never been released, not even to Susan. It sometimes is very frustrating to watch the case get older and colder. I'm sure the cops want to solve this case as badly as the friends and family of Neal and Brendan, but being in the dark about the progress of the investigation doesn't help at all to mitigate the frustration.

"Somebody knows who committed this crime!" -- Susan Abernathy, 2002--